Immersion Day1!

so its the end of day 1 and its 2am and im awake with jet lag.

so far so good – not going to put any spoilers on here but there was plenty of interaction and collaboration going on. Think its a really positive experience, even if you only consider the fact that we are visiting our office out here in pune – aswell as us getting a feel for whats happening on the ground here, we ar egetting to know people and also i imagine its good fun for them to have lots of people from all over the place arriving.

the office is very spacious and has heaps going on – there is a kind of table tennis and karam league going on so have signed up for that.

everyone on immersion is very freindly and looks like a great week ahead!

its also really good to have time to think away from a project and in an inspiring environment – have a few ideas which may or may not get implemented!

will post photos at some point