Navigate Backwards and forwards in Visual Studio

This should have been obvious but it took me about 15mins of googling to find. Which is funny as the menu items seem to be quite obviously on display under the “View” menu!

Anyway in Eclipse you do CTRL+LEFT_ARROW, CTRL+RIGHT_ARROW which is particularly useful if you have just jumped to the declaration of a method so you can go back to where you were.

In Visual studio the equivalent is CTRL+- (thats control and the minus key together) to go forwards, its CTRL+SHIFT+- (shift plus minus).

I have now re-mapped these to CTRL+ALT+LEFT_ARROW and CTRL+ALT+RIGHT_ARROW.

You map in Tools->Options->Keyboard its a bit tricky to find stuff they are called View.NavigateForwards and View.NavigateBackwards. You can discover these by just typing in the box at the bottom and it will show you what they are assigned to.