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I have been reading a few bits and pieces about the craftsmanship of software design. At the same time, I ave been thinking about ways to formalise my own learnings about software development. After reading about Corey haines’ pair programmin tour at cuberik it occured to me that this might be a good way to think about the process of developing as a software crafstman. As consultants, we move from project to project, working with different people in our own organisation and also within the client organisation.

Every new place brings different attitudes to code and design and provides an opportunity to pick up tricks and compare your own set of tools with those of others. At the same time, as a relatively experienced developer, you get to share your own ideas and experience with the people you work with. By working on comunication of these ideas, you learn more about them yourself and become more practised in their use.

Whilst this is at some level an intuitive process, by making it a concious process I think the results might be more focused. With this in mind, I have created a keyword for this blog called “a journeymans’ diary”. This is the first post in the series.

I plan to try and make at least one post a week, with lessons learned that week. The topics will be focused purely on software design, building code line by line.


So I have changed my mind about this and now prefer to think of the whole thing as about being a “Professional”. Im keeping this post as a bit of history, but have now renamed this category, to avoid the craftsmanship overtones.


One thought on “A Professional journal

  1. Sounds like a great idea Jim, will look forward to reading your thoughts.

    I worked with Ade Oshineye on one of my early ThoughtWorks projects and we spoke about the Software Craftmanship approach to software development quite frequently – I find it resonates with my approach to the world far more than the traditional approach based on positions of authority.

    He’s writing a book with Dave Hoover if you’re interested in this type of thing – http://apprenticeship.oreilly.com/wiki – it mostly covers the patterns of the Apprenticeship stage of the journey but it’s enjoyable reading.

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