IntelliJ Crashes on OS X

I have been running v.8 of IntelliJ on os x for a while now, and noticed the odd crash, particularly after waking up the computer.

Thanks to my colleague Tom Czarniecki I have found a solution that appears to be working.

Some googling turned up very little, but mostly points to the JVM being the problem. I had tried updating the Java installed on os x and setting the JDK to be 1.5 which did seem to improve stability but still crashed.

Tom pointed out that Intellij also has a configuration for the JDK version in its config which I updated to be 1.6+ and then switched my JDK back to 1.6 64bit. That was a week ago and not only have I had no crashes, of course the whole experience is smoother under 1.6! woo hoo!

The trick lies in the file

/Applications/IntelliJ IDEA

To Switch JDKs:


Some other references I found along the way:

JDK Update:

To See IntelliJ Log output:



For Intellij9:


(I found this using the activity monitor and then “inspect process” and you can see a list of open files and ports)

IntelliJ stores its plugins here (Thanks to these guys) :

~/Library/Application Support/IntelliJIDEA80


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  1. It still seesm to crash every now and again. I also discovered that it doesnt like the 64bit version of java, so I set jdk 5 32bit to the top in the java preferences pane (Finder -> Applications -> Utilities -> Java preferences)

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