Link from log console output to a line of code in IntelliJ

Whilst playing around with some code analysis I thought it would be useful to be able to output a hyperlink back to a line of code in the IDE console. As it happens, you can “Trick” IntelliJ to do this with the following log statement:

    public void canClickOnAFileInTheConsoleAndGoToTheLineOfCode() {“Check it at %s. (”,
            getClass().getName(), getClass().getSimpleName(), 15));

The pattern it seems to match is something like at {classFullName}.{identifier}({classSimpleName}.java)

classFullName has to be a valid class name.
identifier is usually used for the method name, but it can be anything. The full stop is nescessary. So in the example above, I put a space in there and so it reads like a sentance.

Anyone know a another way to do this?


Actually it seems that you can get something similar if you output a full path name, e.g.:

    File f = new File(“./src/test/resource/testfiles/level_01/level_01_01/file_01_01_A.txt”); + “:” + 34);

This will create a link in the output window to the line of the file. Nice.