A proper shell in windows

Thanks to a posting on our mailing list I am trying out mintty, a tty shell emulator for windows which runs on top of cygwin.

So far so good, feels like the real deal.

You can install it by running “setup.exe” in the cygwin folder and install it from the package list under “shells”.

I added a couple of lines to my ~/.bash_profile

export PS1="\W> "
alias clear='echo -e "\033c"'

As there didn’t seem to be a default “clear” command to clear the terminal. Got the trick from here. Also good is The tips and tricks page

To get a nice “Bash prompt here” you can install the chere package from the cygwin setup (same as above) and then run:

chere -i -c -t mintty -s bash

One oddity I’ve found is that if you execute a batch file which uses CMD.exe, CTRL+C doesn’t seem to work. It breaks out of the program but then output still appears! So you need to run .sh files in there.


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