Immersion week one!

end of the week,

finally over the lag and just have the retrospective to go.

today heaps of balloons in the office with everyones name on them!

Some great discussions and ideas.

An analogy for interaction with the clients – like swimming in a rip tide – you cant swim against it.

Building relationships is like building a fire.


Immersion Day3

A lot of focus has been placed on collaboration and facilitation.

This is very cool as I was beginning before I came to start to focus on these as important concepts.

Discussing with Patrick my coach he pointed me to this book:

Collaboration Explained

Of course there is always someone who has been there before and written about it:)

Also I discovered the blog aggregator and so have added it to my links page.

In particular, this entry From Sam Newman is relevant A Tech Lead Manifesto


Immersion Day1!

so its the end of day 1 and its 2am and im awake with jet lag.

so far so good – not going to put any spoilers on here but there was plenty of interaction and collaboration going on. Think its a really positive experience, even if you only consider the fact that we are visiting our office out here in pune – aswell as us getting a feel for whats happening on the ground here, we ar egetting to know people and also i imagine its good fun for them to have lots of people from all over the place arriving.

the office is very spacious and has heaps going on – there is a kind of table tennis and karam league going on so have signed up for that.

everyone on immersion is very freindly and looks like a great week ahead!

its also really good to have time to think away from a project and in an inspiring environment – have a few ideas which may or may not get implemented!

will post photos at some point


Chaordic Worlds

I’ve been reading Dee Hock’s book “The Birth Of The Chaordic Age”. Its pretty cool. I like the idea of emergent organisations. It has a lot of connections to Emergence By Steven Johnson, which i read some years ago. Its one of the factors that swayed me into starting my MsC, that and Wolframs’ book.

Basically I like the idea of lots of simple rules or individuals with simple behaviour creating very complex responses and behaviour as a whole which is unexpected. It just feels like the right way to think about things. Its intuitive and it might just help in some way for us to deal with the things that we need to deal with if we would like to be still around on our nice planet in 100 years time.