Hyperia: Adventures in REST at the Manchester Geek Night

I had the pleasure of Presenting at our Manchester Geek Night last night (Slides up at Hyperia).

Here is the abstract for the talk. It was good fun both writing the code and doing the talk. (thanks to Dan for helping to get it over the line with 4 half hour iterations the night before). Thanks to all who attended.

The web has been running for many years at a truly global scale on the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The architectural style of HTTP, known as Representational State Transfer (REST) has recently become popular as the basis for application protocols, aswell as the ubiquitous browser client.

This talk will showcase a simple framework called “Restfulie” based on the work of Dr. Jim Webber, Ian Robinson and Savas Parastatdis.

The framework consists of a REST client framework, and by default uses the VRaptor web framework for a backend.

The talk will demonstrate the framework using a demonstration application called “Hyper Fantasy”, which is an online implementation of the classic “Fighting Fantasy” books of Steve Jackson (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Warlock_of_Firetop_Mountain) which provides a convenient metaphor in terms of following links to new resources, and client-side state.

I plan to extend the example and host it on the web. It will go through a rebrand to be called “Hyperia”. There are several possibilities for extension including secure requests, cross language implementation (Ruby and Java) Cloud hosting, multiple servers, caching and iPhone apps.