Feeds from my blog

Have been waiting for the launch of our new exciting blogs on the guardian site, e.g. Science Blog and in the meantime working on this, my blog. I want to be able to feed some of my posts to the thoughtworks blogspace, blogs.thoughtworks.com and have discovered that wordpress ROCKS at this. you simply put the category name and /feeds at the end, e.g. : feed://jimbarritt.com/non-random/category/agile/feed sweet as!

So I will create a new category called thoughtblog and then just assign this to each post i want to include!



Update to the site…

I’ve been playing with media wiki all weekend and now have it behaving pretty well.

You can click the links in the header of this page and it will seamlessly go to the mind web!

which is also of course here

Now all I have to do is work out how to convert LaTeX to HTML properly and i can start putting some articles up here.

The other option of course would just be to make a nice CSS stylesheet for an xml format and write everything using that. I can simply print to a pdf then.

wait a minute! google docs somehow manages to show stuff as html ….

so you can just send yourself a pdf and then view as html and save the result!

it doesnt do pictures though unfortunately, but it wouldn be all that hard to put them back in for short articles….

So I also updated the pictures part – customising the gallery application which now looks cool to!


Javascript Javascript JavaScript JavaSCRIPT!!

Just been shown how to do the old hiding and showing trick with javascript so that when javascript is turned off the thing shows by default.

simple trick – have a stylesheet that is itself loaded by javascript in the on load method of the dom.

Then you can override a class which has say “display:block” in a base css file with “display:none” in the JS loaded one.

After that you simply do the normal toggling.

A nice adaptation is to change a class name you use :

    if (className.indexOf('js-hider') > -1) {			
        document.getElementById('element-to-hide').className = className.replace('js-hider', 'js-shower');
        theLink.innerHTML="Hide thing";
    } else {					
        document.getElementById('element-to-hide').className = className.replace('js-shower', 'js-hider');
        theLink.innerHTML = 'Show thing';