Change the title of ant junit report

<junitreport todir="${}">                
                <fileset dir="${}">
                    <include name="*.xml"/>
                <report format="frames" todir="${}">
                    <param name="TITLE" expression="${junit.configuration} test results." />

You can pass parameters to the stylesheet as above, one of which is TITLE. YOu can also change the whole stylesheet by passing “styledir” in as a property.


Cruise / Ant : Could not find log.xml

We just ran into this problem trying to configure ant to run in a different working directory using cruise.

Our original snippet looked like this:


We then added antWorkingDir="${build.dir}" to the ant target, which failed with a dodgy message like “could not find log.xml”. This was because we no longer needed the ${build.dir} when speciying the buildfile. The error was actually hidden up above in the log and was really saying “could not find build.xml”.

working code:



SCP files to a server using ANT

This is quite easy using the optional ‘scp’ task.

Under windows, this depends on a java implementation of ssh which is found here

Then do something like the following:

<!-- On windows, this needs an optional java implementation of ssh which you can get from :
	 download it, build it and then pop the jar file into your ant lib folder 
<target name="deploy" description="pushes jar to the test server">
    <scp trust="true" file="${target.dist.jarfile}"