YourKit: The best thing since sliced bread!

What is it?

A Java / .NET profiling tool.

YourKit, LLC is a technology leader, creator of the most innovative and intelligent tools for profiling Java & .NET applications. The YourKit Java Profiler has been already recognized by the IT professionals and analysts as the best profiling tool.

With YourKit solutions, both CPU and memory profiling have come to the highest professional level, where one can profile even huge applications with maximum productivity and zero overhead.

There are several, recent innovations to profiling that have gained well-deserved popularity among professional Java developers, both in big and small companies.

YourKit is the standard-setter in the evolution of profiling tools.

It is incredibly slick and easy to use. Thanks to Felix for putting me on to it.

Simply download it (Java, .NET), copy it to your Applications folder and add the following to your java startup options (on a mac, that is):

 -agentlib:yjpagent "	

Then kick back and enjoy!