The ‘R’ Sessions

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A few years ago whilst working on my MSc thesis I was heavily into R a statistical analysis package which has a functional language feel to it. My friend Marc Hasenbank, a few others and I ran a series of workshops for people wanting an introduction to R. I recently wanted to show this to someone so thought I would post a link. The code from the tutorials can be found here


Oracle Jdbc Driver fails to render Euro (€) when db is set to WE8MSWIN1252 encoding

We just spent a few glorious hours or so trawling the internet and writing old skool jdbc code, to discover this little beauty. Simply upgrade to of the jdbc driver and it goes away.

Thanks to this post we discovered our problem.

For the full details on the euro….

And if your really bored:


Operation not permitted whilst chown ‘ing …

Unfortunately I didnt get my backup done in time and the laptop went down.

anyway I had most of the stuff copied accross but still have some wierdness on new laptop.

I wanted to make sure everything was owned by my user (called admin) so i was trying to

chown -R admin * in my home dir.

I kept getting “Operation not permitted”. My freind Gordon pointed out that the files were locked and to remove the lock i need to do:

sudo chflags -R nouchg <files>



Coloured text on a black background

The other day, Alistair chatted to me about the ‘retro’ concept of changing my IDE background to black like in the old skool days. Then I saw a Neal Ford’s blog which also has a black background and looks cool. So I am trying it on this blog.

I think I likes it.

It seems theres a bit of a thing happening out there, a lot of people say black on white is better:


coding horror

456bereastreet – really doesnt like it and say you should offer alternative stylesheets.

A lengthy discussion – Makes a good point that if the whole web is black on white and then you come to a site like this, its going to be harder to read.