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My 20 second tour of South Island, New Zealand, most places ive been to.

prefer doubtful sound over milford apparently (ive not tried it yet) a longer journey but much less touristy and same scenerey.

Stewart island is pretty cool you can get the ferry from bluff and stay in the hotel and then walk for an easy day walk to a doc hut.

Mangetepopo valley is also amazing – go from wanaka by minibus and walk for 2 hours along the flat valley floor to the doc hut which is massive and then next day a day walk, again on flat up to the bottom of Mt Aspiring range ….. incredible place.

Also West coast has to be done – possibly take the trans alpine train – not sure where it goes from christchurch / dunedin ? anyway you HAVE to go to the franz joseph glacier – if youve got cash get the helicopter up to the top and wander about on the glacier before heading back down for massive meal in the pub on the corner – cant remember name. the backpackers there are all pretty good – we stayed in one with a spa pool.

bring sleeping bag.

the whole trip up the west coast is great and infact the drive from wanaka to Franz Joseph is really amazing aswell, through all the Aspiring national park.

Queenstown itself is pretty touristy but still quite pleasant if theres nothing else to do. the drive from qtown to wanaka is also amazing for views.

maybe think about hiring a car – much better than train – i took the trans scenic up to aukland and it was ok but took 15 hours and every thime you saw something cool you just cant stop so you kind of miss it!

hot pools somehwhere also on the list there are some down qtown somewhere.

on the east coast youve got alexandria which is pretty special – where they filmed the rohirrim village in LOTR – head east from wanaka to dunedin – we managed to get stuck up ther in the hire car so dont under any circumstances go “off road” through a gate onto a muddy tractor track.

dunedin is ok and some of the east coast is quite picturesque – a bit like parts of scotland / cornwall – no where near the west coast though so if you have to choose….

christchurch pretty cool too – but just a city really – some really nice views from the port hills towards the coast.

then another very cool trip is to head west right acrosss the country from cchurch through arthurs pass – have done this a few times – amazing mountains.

oh yeah forgot the east side of the mountains – go from wanaka up to mount cook village – can stay in very nice place there and stroll up to the foot of mt cook – the best part is the drive up from there to christ church – you get to see the full lord of the rings mountain range right across the plane.

on other side of arthurs pass go north up west coast and then east towards St Arnaud and rotoiti and the neslon lakes – amazing – theres a really cool day walk into a hut – cant remember name but everyone will know it – again all flat (ish) but can get a water taxi to other end of rotoiti. If you have a camper van can park right on shore of rotoitit which is awesome.

then, theres takaka which is north west – hippy centre of NZ and quite beautiful and chilled but mostly good for rock climbing so maybe not so interesting:)

finally Queen Charlotte and the sounds up there – get to picton and sort it from there – all kinds of water taxis and stuff – Queen Charlotte track is meant to be amazing and easy – you get your bags taken by water taxi to the hotel each night while you stroll along the gravel drive!:)

then theres the ferry crossing which is great in its own right.

then you are in wellington – ill leave details until you arrive.

North Island the place you have to go to is national park to see Ngarahoe and Ruapehu – there might even be some snow by the time you get there.

then the far north, coramandel and all that is meant to be great but havent really done the n island very much – you mate who lives in palmy will be able to fill in details.