Essential Reading

You can see other peoples blogs im interested in on my google reader shared items (a selection are presented here) :

Michel Wermelinger – Interested in code evolution.

Ruby on rails demo This ROCKS!

Roy Fielding’s PHD On REST

Check out for a great list.

Refactoring : Improving the design of existing code (Martin Fowler)

Clean Code (Bob Martin – “Uncle Bob”)

Effective Java (Joshua Block)

Emergent Design (Scott Bain)

Test Driven Development (Kent Beck)

Domain Driven Design (Eric Evans)

Patterns of Enterprise Architecture (Martin Fowler)

Design Patterns (Gang Of Four)

Clean Code – Bob Martin
OO – Thanks Felix!

Pair programming illuminated

S.O.L.I.D. OO principles.

The ThoughtWorks Anthology

Jim Webber, Savas and Ian Robinson on ow to GET a cup of coffe excellent REST intro.

The old Post Redirect Get Pattern

Terence Parr on Model View Seperation

Martin Fowler and Dan North on the Yawning Crevasse Of Doom

Ed Kirwan Some interesting papers about analyzing code complexity.

Domain Driven

Domain Driven Design the book.

leaky abstractions

convention vs configuration :

CSS Stuff:

Meyer Web

some QA TOOLS:


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